Performer Release

Performer Release

Each member in every ensemble is required to sign (or have a parent/guardian sign) a Performer Release Form through DocuSign. There are four different types of forms:


      • Performer Release Minor (17 and under)
      • Performer Release 18+ 
      • Performer Release Minor (17 and under)  ESPAÑOL
      • Performer Release 18+   ESPAÑOL

The DocuSign links for each, which can be found on your Director’s Dashboard, may be copied and sent out directly to your members (18+) or their parent/guardian (17-). Make certain that the parent/guardian enters the performer’s name at the top of the contract. Members that turn 18 during the season should use the form correlating with the age they are when the form is signed.  


Performer Release DocuSign links are specific to each group. If you have multiple groups, be sure to send the correct links associated with each group. They can be found in the Performer Release Requirements on the group’s page. Do not use the same links for different groups.


You will be able to view in your Director’s Dashboard (under each Performer Release type) the names of which performer’s forms have been signed and are on file.


It is the Director’s responsibility to ensure that all performers have a signed Performer Release on file, performers are required to have this signed document in order to perform at a WGI event. WGI will conduct regular and random audits to ensure compliance.


For more information on the deadline to submit Performer Release click HERE.