2022 IO Class Finalist Recaps

By Trudy Horsting

Congratulations to all of our 2022 Independent Open class finalists! View a recap of their productions below in order of Finals placement.

University of South Florida (94.550) 1st

The University of South Florida moves elegantly and calmly through their production “The Moments That Made US.” Throughout the performance, phrases of their show announcement are made as if all time has begun moving in slow motion. Tall props with different images on each side allow the group to manipulate the setting as the show progresses. This calming performance which finally reveals an image showing UD arena in the early days of WGI, encourages the audience to enjoy every moment of life. Particularly, this 45th anniversary and every future memory which will be made here.


Eklipse (92.900) 2nd

“The Four Agreements: A Scene in Four” explores four commitments we should make to improve our daily lives. These agreements (be impeccable with your word, don’t take anything personally, don’t make assumptions, and always be your best) teach us how be happier by continuously striving for self-improvement and living our own dream. This show cleverly uses backdrops and a stage to allow the performers to portray each agreement in its own right. Performers exposed their internal struggle for self-growth and new beginnings gracefully while navigating expert equipment skills.

Tampa Independent (92.500) 3rd

“The Persistence of Time” by Tampa Independent showcases the certainty of passing time despite the broken hourglasses and sand spread across the floor. A performer walks slowly toward the right corner of the floor, uninterrupted by any of the beautiful bustling choreography occurring around her. Throughout the production sand is thrown into the air adding to the momentum of the show. Despite building music the performer slowly walking doesn’t change her pace until the very last minute of the show where she runs toward the broken hourglass and releases a million granules of sand which spread all over the floor.

Edge Independent (90.550) 4th

Edge Independent sets the stage for their 2022 production “Hide” with a preshow displaying masked faces and hoods. Performers perfectly camouflage within the floor and with their props. Performers lift the edge of the floor hiding every inch of them and then reach only their hands through small slits. A masked and hooded flag feature demonstrates the skill of this group as they easily navigate the floor and choreography with their eyes covered. This show ends with every performer hidden despite the audience undoubtedly craving more.

Origins Open (89.000) 5th

ORIGINS Open begins strong and their strength and energy only grows as the music builds. Performers wear shimmery silver uniforms with just a hint of rainbow coloring shining through. As the show progresses, bright colorful flags are introduced, and with them, the joy performers hold grows. An impressive flag feature tight around the circle of the colorful eye on the floor demonstrates exquisite precision. The rainbow glitter released in the final moments match the elation radiating from the performers in this show titled “In a Rainbow.”

Wasatch Independent (88.950) 6th

Wasatch Independent brought fierceness and energy to the floor in this fast-paced show. Utilizing the lines of the floor to guide them, these performers exuded confidence and poise. A moment of slowness in the soundtrack allows for breath but quickly the pace increases again. A tight knit dance feature followed by killer rifle choreography brought everyone’s eyes to the floor. “In Retrospect” brought a liveliness and intensity which was unmatched.

Allegiance (88.500) 7th

Allegiance’s 2022 production is a light-hearted story of a young couple in love. Checkered red pants and shirts with floral print set the tone for this cute production. Light blue flags and soft music emulate the feelings of pure bliss and happiness you feel when you’re with the person you want to spend your life with. A soloist spinning a pink silk artfully during the flag feature suddenly causes the mood to take a turn as he transitions into a duet with another performer. The choice of title “Beyond the Gate” swiftly becomes clear as the couple break up, leaving one outside the gate and one within a broken heart.

Vox Artium (88.400) 8th

Vox Artium walks the audience through a legend of three sisters who control time and fate. A piece of thread represents each being the sisters can manipulate. The performers use pieces of rope with their equipment to visualize the fragility of each individual’s destiny. A stunning flag feature is followed by intense rifle and flag choreography as the performers represent the last and most dangerous sister. Two spools of thread unravel from diagonal corners enveloping the floor and everyone on it in rope. One snip of the scissors releases all of the threads, dropping the performers to the floor, ending the show “The Fix.”

Top Hats (85.500) 9th

Top Hats’ performers embody the delicate music of the production “Our Gift, Our Light.” Top Hats tells the tale of welcoming new life into this world and becoming parents. It describes the unconditional and never-ending love a new parent feels for their child. Colorful silks are ripped away to reveal newborn faces and lamps are turned on to represent welcoming the child home. Graceful choreography connects with the emotive performers and props such as a crib, blocks, and a rocking horse allow the audience to relive bringing home their own child.

Alta Marea Winterguard (84.450) 10th

Alta Marea Winterguard begins their production with everyone trapped within the center of a circle of bars. Rifles and flags are the first to escape before the cage breaks open to form smaller enclosures. This show titled “A Way Out” features performers on a mission. Using breath, the performers move with fierce intensity. A magnificent flag feature captures this clean and chaotic energy. In the last moments, every performer finds a way out and escapes toward the front of the floor, desperation on their faces.

Reverie (84.000) 11th

Reverie begins their program with spoken word describing a woman who is exhausted by strength. This emotional production was full of breath and passion as performers exemplified every word and every lyric with not only their movement but their expression. Pastel pink across the floor and uniforms were a perfect fit for this delicate show. ”Just For a Moment” offers the audience an elegant flag feature followed by a shift in speech to uplifting and encouraging words of resilience and love. The performers end together, lifting one another up in strength.

i-Squared (82.950) 12th

“Do I Have Your Attention” is a commanding production by i-Squared which aims to remind the audience that our divisions are fabricated by other humans who have made arbitrary decisions. Powerful choreography accompanies powerful speech. A large crack down the center of the floor represents the artificial divisions between us but the words and conviction of the performers assure the audience that we are all the same. Clock ticking in the background reminds us that not only is this division remediable but that this remedy is urgent.

Pride of Missouri State (82.450) 13th

The Pride of Missouri state created lines not simply on the floor or with their props, but with their bodies. Their show “Outside The Lines” ingeniously uses the lined and blank spaces of the floor to dictate choreography and movement. This often required tight knit drill which the performers navigated with ease. A unified flag feature brings all of the performers into the blank space of the floor, however in the final seconds they reach back toward the lines. The Pride of Missouri State exuded energy and vigor throughout this compelling performance.

Phoenix Independent (80.500) 14th

Phoenix Independent starts their program with high energy from second one. This show titled “Club 27” brings the audience through a plethora of songs and the performers adapt their emotional portrayal accordingly. Phoenix Independent speaks to the joys and the dangers of fame and what it can lead to. An ensemble rifle feature brings back the high energy from a more somber and elegant flag feature. The show ends dramatically with a dancer sliding through the legs of a soloist tossing rifle. 

3rd Legend (79.900) 15th

3rd Legend reminds the audience to think back on your memories with joy. The show begins with a preshow as performers begin to unpack trunks scattered across the floor pulling out books, shawls, and other items. 3rd Legend’s production “Once I Was Loved” portrays sorting through an old trunk of memories, thinking fondly on the times you had with those you loved. Delicate rose petals throughout the show kept the tone light and blissful. This show, which incorporates sweet French love music, is a perfect depiction of everlasting love.