2022 PSO Class Finalist Recaps

By: Ed Johnson

Congratulations to all of our 2022 Scholastic Open class finalists! View a recap of their productions below in order of Finals placement.

Sherwood HS (97.125) 1st

Large sail type props were used and manipulated during the performance to set the scene for Sherwood’s 2022 production of “I am the Wind”. You get a strong understanding of the theme from the very beginning of this production. Clear body gestures help to achieve this idea. Each section is featured in the beginning with the supporting performers manipulating the props. LED lights are used on the reflection of the props to add even more mood to the production. The props were used and moved with ease to help show the movement of wind. Different sections all displayed strong technical and musical thoughts to the program.


Clear Brook HS (96.400) 2nd

Presenting their 2022 production “The Internal Lights”,  the performers of Clear Brook wore a Crimson red costume on a very bright printed floor. Large backdrops of bright colored dots surrounded the floor. Lights on the chest of each performer brought the concept even clearer to the audience. Strong body sections opened the production followed by the introduction of the battery. The show was high paced and energetic from the beginning. The corner prop used LED spheres to help visually portray the music. Each section of the ensemble was featured during the production, eventually building to a strong ensemble finish.

Dorman HS (96.025) 3rd

Dorman HS presented their program “Though I Walk” with the members dressing in uniforms that portray a nautical theme. The floor was meant to portray the water and shore front. The performers begin the production covered in a blue material. A voiceover sets the stage for us. The Poor Wayfaring stranger is used to open the production using body and lanterns to create the effect. Each section of the battery delivers a strong solo section to be featured. The front ensemble gives us the melody line with various embellishments to the main theme. The ensemble uses a strong sense of movement during the production. The building of the light house in the corner gives us a light to bring us home.  

Pace HS (95.763) 4th

Vibrant costumes of green and yellow adorned the performers of Pace HS for their 2022 production of “The Forgotten Pond”. The production opened with a strong body section from the performers with the snare section feature. Each section of the group is featured during the production with short excerpts musically. The floor is flooded with a green material to represent toxic waste in the pond. The performers had a strong understanding of the performance of the program and were sure to portray it effectively throughout the entire program. 

Victor J. Andrew HS (94.525) 5th

Black uniforms on a white floor with various designs set the stage for Victor J. Andrew’s production of “Made to be Broken”. Abstract backdrops of stain glass effect panels were placed on the floor. The show begins with a very slow section featuring body work. The production used various soundtracks from artists to further portray the theme. The production contained strong impacts from both the battery and front ensemble. The bass line gave us a very impressive solo section, and the performers were energetic and engaging during the performance. The front ensemble leaves us with a very strong musical performance to end the show.

Zionsville Community HS (93.188) 6th

Zionsville Community HS presented their 2022 production “Rhythms on the Corner” using bright red uniforms on a black tarp surrounded by an outline of ramps. The front ensemble was dispersed among the four corners of the performance area. The show begins with strong body movements leading us into the introduction of the battery from different corners on the floor. The music is given to the listener in almost a stereophonic sound coming from all the different corners of the floor. The bass drums played while lying on the drum and the crowd went wild. A very unique full ensemble cymbal moment was used in the middle of the production. The group used the four corner motif strongly throughout the production, taking our eye and ear to different parts of the floor constantly. 

Brownsburg HS (93.113) 7th

Performing their production of “When it Rains”, Brownsburg wore black uniforms on a tarp depicting an abstract water ripple effect. Tall black drops framed the floor. The production begins with the ensemble using various shades of material and body work while the sound of an alarm clock sets the scene. The front ensemble opens with the song stormy weather and soon after, the snare line is featured. Water sound effects take us further in to the feeling of the production. The various props used such as the umbrellas from the ensemble continue to sell the theme incorporated on the hits from the battery. A beautiful flute solo is played to bring us to a full costume change with the performers now being dressed in rainbow colors performing somewhere over the rainbow. Large back panels of color were added to bring this effect home. 

Brandon Valley HS (92.550) 8th

Brandon Valley HS presented their program “Dystopia”, sporting red uniforms with backdrops of city scenes. The ensemble opened with a very strong body movement from the battery. The snare section was featured in the beginning with the bass line following with an equally strong statement. The front ensemble was very engaged in the performance, giving us various mood changes. The Tenors were featured with a solo line to follow. Ensemble used body movement throughout to help set the mood of the production with strong musical sections for each instrument section.

Boswell HS (92.150) 9th

Boswell HS presented their 2022 production “Waiting Room” in uniforms of various shades of blue with a pink accent. The group performed on a gold shaded floor with large backdrops and waiting room chairs, giving us the anxious feeling of being in a waiting room. A strong voice over led us into the production with a very dynamic presentation from the bass line. Body work was used in the chairs and on the props. Cymbals gave us a feeling of uncertainty by what appears to be a father figure.  The role play performer was very dynamic in the production. The production changes the mood to a happy reflection, taking us back in time to a not so serious time. The music soon changes once again to take us back to reality with the use of dynamics and strong playing from the ensemble. The show ends with a happy ending and the waiting is finally over. 

Burleson HS (91.113) 10th

White uniforms with sequins on a blue and white floor set the mood for their 2022 production of “Firefox”. Large backdrops of abstract blue trees with a black background were used across the back of the floor. A voice over helped us understand the beginning of the show, accompanied by the entrance of the snares using brushes to create a unique effect. Performers gave us a very strong interpretation of the program. The ensemble performed body movement using various small percussive instruments to set the mood of the costume change. The costume change brought us to a very dynamic and energetic presentation of the Northern Lights to finish the production. 

Walled Lake Consolidated Schools (89.325) 11th

Walled Lake Consolidated Schools Presented their 2022 program “Turning Back Time” using a uniform of red and gray on a floor with an abstract clock design that helped to set the mood of the production. Large, distorted clock props lined the floor. The show started with a strong battery statement which sped up slowly, giving us a sense of time moving forward. References to the arms of a clock moving were displayed often during the productions, keeping the reference to the clock throughout the show. All sections were featured with strong representation though out the production. Bright LED lights helped to bring focus to the clocks.  The show ended with the group returning to the beginning statement of the production, leaving us with the feeling of going back in time. 

Greenfield-Central HS (89.163) 12th

Greenfield-Central High School used uniforms with shades of gray and black to present their production “In the Hollow”. Large cylinders and back drops of a forest scene helped to set the mood of the production. The program began with a very mystical feel from the front ensemble. The entire battery section was featured as they entered the floor. Wind instruments were used in the production as well with moments such as a clarinet solo. The production kept you engaged and wondering what would enter next. A large ensemble of Brass bring us to a close of the show adding another unique element to the production. 

Azle HS (88.375) 13th

Azle HS presented their 2022 production “Phantom Keys” using dark green uniforms on a floor of reds, and yellows. Large cylinder props are used to represent piano keys around the floor. Using piano sounds to represent the keyboard brings us to the beginning of the program. The snare section delivered a very strong opening statement, with the tenors and basses following all being featured. The middle section of the show was very whimsical and entertaining keeping the audience engaged. The show finishes with a strong dramatic ending.

Plainfield HS (87.700) 14th

Plainfield HS presented “Rules” using a white floor with red accented squares, school chairs, and chalkboard props around the floor to set the mood of the production. The students come into the class with a voiceover giving us the rules of the class. The snares presented the opening statement, and the production was high paced using movement in and around the chairs. As the rules were given from the voice over, the performers did just the opposite of what was said, giving us a sense of breaking the rules and creating chaos in the classroom. The production was very high paced and energetic. 

Norwalk HS (87.450) 15th

Norwalk High School presented their 2022 production “Quicksand” using golden color uniforms on the front with a fuchsia color on the back. This created strong visual changes throughout the program. Interesting use of the uniform change helped to draw your eye to the specific section or performer being featured. The production was very energetic and dynamic from the beginning, and the reference of a vocal “QUICK SAND” throughout helped with the understanding of the theme.