2023 SW Class Finalist Review

2023 SW Class Finalist Review

By: Trudy Horsting

Congratulations to all of our 2023 Scholastic World class finalists!  Review their productions below in order of Finals placement.

Carmel HS (96.550) 1st

Carmel HS brought their title “Lean on Me” to life, utilizing and depending on one another throughout the show with skillful partner work. The performers exuded confidence and grace in every moment of the production. It was clear the group was enjoying the show as much as the audience was, snapping their fingers and shimming along to the music. Each element was choreographed with perfect musicality. The show incorporated fun piano music which was accompanied by a piano prop and piano benches. The finale of this production featured confident rifle choreography that left the crowd yearning for more. 

Tarpon Springs HS (96.250) 2nd

Tarpon Springs HS taught the audience how to be cool in their production “The Origin of Cool.” Throughout the show, live musicians intermixed with the colorguard performers, giving another dimension to both the soundtrack and the production itself. The performers interacted with the musicians throughout the show, truthfully creating a new level of cool for scholastic world. Tarpon Springs broke it down with precision flag work, stellar confidence, crisp rifle catches, and animated performers. This production was high energy and featured a phenomenal flag feature with a fun illusion toss. Tarpon Springs certainly left the crowd on their feet in applause. 

Avon HS (94.400) 3rd

Avon High School made the audience feel as though they were in a high energy spy movie with incredible female leads. Starting strong with an ensemble flag moment and incredible rifle duet, the team integrated their spy skills into every nuance of the show, utilizing flexibility and precision to accomplish their mission. “Jane Bond” was high energy, as performers dressed in all black both worked together and battled one another across the floor, slid down poles, and snuck around the set, capturing the dynamism behind each soundtrack. The show ended as powerfully as it began with a performer backflipping off of a raised prop, out of sight from the audience. Avon left the crowd craving a sequel. 

The Woodlands HS (94.300) 4th

The Woodlands moved the audience to their feet with their production “How to: MOVE.” Performers remained calm, poised, and controlled amidst chaotic music. Throughout the show, moments of silence were utilized to highlight the most magnificent moments. Performers expertly manipulated moving boxes on dollies across the floor, utilizing the props to accentuate their equipment work. For instance, a whole string of rifles tossed a sit roll as two performers ran holding a dolly over their heads. This show concluded with the performers spelling out the word “move” across the floor. They had completed their job and taught us all how to move in amazing ways.   

Arcadia HS (91.900) 5th

Arcadia HS impressively integrated multiple large, circular props into their fierce production titled “In the Eye of Jupiter.” The show began with different pods of performers lifting a soloist up and skillfully rotating in a circle. The prop center stage ignited with neon blue lights and the lights of smaller circles around the floor quickly followed. The large prop was later separated into two, each part effortless incorporated with the choreography as the show progressed. Arcadia utilized impressive flexibility and confidence as they navigated the floor, tossing on top, through, and over the props. The show ended with the props merging back together in the center of the floor. As the neon lights dimmed back to darkness the team let out an audible yell. 

Miamisburg HS (90.050) 6th

Miamisburg’s production “Over the Moon,” began with the incorporation of long poles in choreography across the back edge of the floor as an exquisite dance soloist made her way across the front. The performers skillfully manipulated themselves around and inside a boat throughout the production, using the poles as oars to steer themselves across the water. A highlight of this show was the rifle line’s use of two rifles, tossing two one handed tosses immediately into an exchange. The incorporation of a blue silk spreading across the floor added another dimension to the show which ended with an impressive rifle exchange from a bridge to a performer down below who caught in the splits. 

Northview HS (89.500) 7th

Northview HS brought tons of energy and confidence to their show “Mystic Dreams.” The show began with two dance soloists alone on the floor, setting the tone of the production to come with tambourines. The performers incorporated tambourines throughout the show and often utilized their hair within the choreography. The use of three separate pieces of floor, each featuring the sun, moon, or stars, necessitated the performers’ skillful movement, navigating tight-knit drill sets. Pink rifles led the way to the entrance of pink flags for a high energy feature, ending powerfully with a final ensemble summersault toss that left the crowd begging for more.

El Dorado HS (87.700) 8th

El Dorado HS began their 2023 production with exquisite dance choreography. Using audible breath, the performers connected with one another with partner work and weight sharing, slowly moving away from one another across the floor. They portrayed strength, grace, and flexibility throughout the production. As the music intensified, a soloist flipped across the floor,  signaling the entrance of sabres and rifles. The show called, “Untitled” mesmerized the audience as yellow flags seemed to instantaneously appear for a striking flag feature which concluded the show. 

West Broward (86.650) 9th

West Broward HS had the audience clapping along to the music in their production. Performers wore colorful beads in their hair along with yellow uniforms which matched both the shapes on the floor and the energy of their show. Pacman figures and shapes were featured across the floor and in hanging props, adding another dimension to the production. Some of the highlights of this show were a tightknit beginning flag feature, the innovative use of a ramp for various tosses, the incorporation of a rope within the choreography, and a moment of breath in a stunning flag feature which contrasted the typical high pace. Performers radiated confidence every moment of the show and amazed the audience by ending with a high energy dance and ensemble death drop. 

Cleveland HS (85.650) 10th

Cleveland HS brought the audience a fast-paced production titled “Triptych.” The show began with creative hand choreography before the tight knit group broke away to reveal the first piece of colored floor. Throughout the production, new colors were revealed, each time with silks to match. The performers matched the aggressive tones of the music when the color red was unveiled, displaying fierceness and control. A highlight of the production was a rifle feature center stage which bled into the reveal of the final color, a light purple which brought joy to the performers expressions as they finished with a phenomenal, tight-knit flag feature and a stunning solo rifle toss. 

Kiski Area HS (84.050) 11th

Kiski Area HS showed the audience why they should “Beware The Poisoned Poppy.” Large and small poppy flowers filled the floor, enveloping the team in their smell. Performers began to move across the floor with graceful curiosity, holding poppies in their hands before sabres and yellow flags emerged. A plethora of double turn arounds on rifle amazed the crowd as flags added color and polish to the floor. The stunning flag feature was another highlight of this production, leading into the entire team falling to the floor grasping their flowers in the final moment of the show. 

Stoneman Douglas HS (83.950) 12th

Stoneman Douglas HS entered the floor for their production “VIRES IN NUMERIS” with bright pink and silver bodysuits and painted pink faces on a brightly colored floor. Large metal hoops were incorporated throughout the show as performers agilely hung from the props and swirled them with the music. Counting underscored the soundtrack of the show, and performers mirrored the music by counting on their fingers. A stunning flag ripple led your eye to a powerful rifle entrance before the music changed and pink flags entered the floor. Following a clean and graceful flag feature the show concluded with the performers finding themselves in the same crisp line they started in. 

Center Grove HS (83.650) 13th

Center Grove HS gave the audience a window into the world of light and dark with their production titled “Chiaroscuro.” Performers in beautiful shimmery uniforms began by dancing gracefully around window like props, building quickly into an ensemble feature with dark flags which contrasted with their light uniforms. Gorgeous piano music backdropped this production, and the performers embodied each note as it ebbed and flowed. Light pink and purple flags interacted with a powerful rifle line as the show concluded, leaving all but one performer in the light section of the floor. 

Chino Hills HS (81.600) 14th

Chino Hills HS began their program “Doodle Invasion” with a girl, dressed all in white, opening and closing a mysterious white door. Each time she opened it, the music got louder, enticing her in. As she entered the floor, high energy performers flooded the stage setting the tone for the show to come with an incredible first rifle toss. The performers exuded confidence and sass through every movement, including a fun hand feature and a colorful and marvelous flag feature. The show concluded with the soloist’s uniform transforming into a colorful doodle. She exited the floor in miraculous disbelief, leaving the performers inside delighting in their success of sharing their creativity. 

Warren Central HS (80.700) 15th

Warren Central HS dazzled the crowd with a masterpiece titled “The Artist.” Wearing all black, the performers let the colors of their show speak for themselves. A black canvas started in the middle of the floor, surrounded by paint cups filled with flags poised to look like paintbrushes in each corner. The show began with the performers spinning a singular rifle which they skillfully passed off to one another. Throughout the show, an artist transformed the blank canvas by painting an upside-down work of art. As the music changed, chanting Beethoven, the canvas was spun to reveal the masterpiece of Beethoven himself. Performers were strong and confident in each moment of this fast-paced show, adding paint to their own faces before finishing with an elegant and colorful  flag feature.