3 Things to Expect at The 2024 Advisory Boards

3 Things to Expect at The 2024 Advisory Boards

WGI will hold the 2024 Advisory Board Meetings on June 7-8 at the JW Marriott Las Vegas Resort & Spa in Las Vegas, Nevada. These annual meetings give representatives the opportunity to discuss and vote on the rules and policies governing WGI. 

Read below to see three things you can expect from the upcoming meetings.



1. Discussion of all Submitted Proposals by Division

All proposals are classified by division and discussed in the relevant rooms throughout the course of the weekend. Representatives from top scoring Color Guard, Percussion, and Winds groups discuss these proposals, engage in debate, and come up with solutions that will ultimately result in the change of WGI’s legislation for the upcoming season.

All 2024 proposals being discussed are coming soon!

2. Live Presentation of Results Following Meetings

As the meetings finish on Saturday, WGI will go live on Facebook with the division directors to report the results from the day’s proceedings. Dale Powers will report the results for color guard, Mark Thurston will report the results for percussion, and Wayne Dillon will report the results for winds. 

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3. Election of New Board of Directors/Steering Committee Members

Following the Advisory Board meetings, WGI will hold an election for new members of the Steering Committee and Board of Directors. 

The WGI Board of Directors ensures that accountability is maintained for all resources. This body is responsible for establishing organizational goals, developing a strategic direction for WGI and monitors the progress toward approved goals.  Each board member acts on behalf of all groups participating in WGI. Directors have a responsibility to support the board’s decisions and to act in the best interests of organization. 

To view the current Board of Directors and Steering Committee Members, Click Here!


To learn more about WGI’s governance structure and to see how a proposal passes through WGI’s many organizational layers, watch the videos below!

WGI’s Governance Structure


The Journey of a Proposal