5 Reasons to Volunteer for World Championships

5 Reasons to Volunteer for World Championships

WGI World Championships is the pinnacle of the indoor marching arts activity. Thousands of performers spend months rehearsing their productions and perfecting their technique to display it over the course of one final competition weekend.

Running an event this large would never be possible without the many moving arms of our volunteers. From the moment a group arrives at a competition site, until the final piece of confetti falls from the ceiling, it is the volunteers who streamline the process and make the World Championships experience memorable.

To sign up to volunteer with WGI in 2023 – Click Here!

Whether this is your first time in Dayton, or you’re a perennial member, here are 5 reasons you should volunteer for the 2023 WGI World Championships!

1. Experience WGI for Free

While it may not be from an audience perspective, you can still experience the most incredible event of the season for FREE! Get a one-of-a-kind perspective of our World Championships when you sign up to volunteer! Witness the raw emotion of performers as they exit the floor after the performance of their lives, congratulate them as they get their iconic post-show orange, and become the magic that so many others get to experience every year. Whether you’re curing your post season blues and returning to Dayton, or if this is your first time, WGI has a place for you!

2. Build a Network within the community

There is no better time than World Championships to meet and network with some of the best minds and people in the activity. As a community that focuses on inclusivity and acceptance, volunteering is a cornerstone of this belief. Come together, make friends of all ages that span the country, and grow your personal network in WGI!

3. Complementary housing, food, and attire

A room is waiting for you at the University of Dayton Marriott! Volunteer for one of our world championships events and receive a free stay for the duration of your visit. We also provide all of your meals for the weekend and any WGI attire you need including various polos and button ups!

4. Build your professional resume

It is no easy task to put on the largest indoor marching arts competition in the world. Get a behind the scenes look at how we make the magic happen and foster quality skills such as communication, teamwork, and event management for your resume!

5. Expose yourself to new parts of the activity

World Championships contains the best of the best in the activity, and it’s the only time that all three divisions will filter through the same location. Witness the stunning visual dynamics of the color guards, the technical prowess of the percussionists, and the audible excellence of the instrumentalists in their own competitive divisions. See a different side of WGI and experience an entirely different world from weekend to weekend!