2022 SA Class Finalist Recaps

By: Trudy Horsting

Congratulations to all of our 2022 Scholastic A class finalists! View a recap of their productions below in order of Finals placement.

Somerset Academy (97.730) 1st

The mature performers from Somerset Academy began their show “Winter” with a powerful ensemble lift. Moving around a tall metal prop centerstage, these performers exhibited flexibility, strength, and  conviction. Beautiful shimmery blue flags flowed magically throughout the parameter flag feature. Clean lines and crisp catches harmonized with the winter theme impeccably. This show concluded with performers beginning to climb up the center prop, with just as much poise as they began.


Brownsburg HS (97.060) 2nd

Brownsburg HS entered the floor with energy and sass as they started their program “Dance Monkey.” This high energy and fast paced production incorporated fun and quirky dance under every piece of equipment. A bright yellow flag feature moving fast across the floor was mesmerizing. To a Dance Monkey soundtrack, these skilled performers danced their hearts out. The final moments of this production brought the performers to the right side of the floor in a vertical line, exactly opposite of where they started. Start to finish, they moved with confidence and authority.

Westlake HS (95.350) 3rd

Westlake HS showcased a lighthearted and cheery show all about “The Life I Love.” An ensemble rifle feature was certainly a highlight as 5 groups of rifles spun in different areas across the floor, taking advantage of the props. A light and airy flag feature complete with a performer spinning on a narrow prop was a beautiful ending. In the final moments, the soloist who first entered the floor with a guitar exited the same way saying thank you to the crowd. This production left everyone in a good mood and feeling full of love. 

Northmont HS (94.320) 4th

Northmont HS started their show titled “88” facing the back of the floor and concealing the bright orange fronts of their uniform. As the show progresses, the orange is revealed, eventually leading to a bright orange flag feature filled with musicality and precision. This group of performers exhibits strength, flexibility, and poise. The floor is utilized strategically as performers pass from one side of the orange piano key to the ones which are solid blue. Ending running down the sole orange key, a final soloist covers the key in a billowing piece of black cloth.

Clovis HS (94.120) 5th

From the first second of the show to the last, Clovis HS was fierce, portraying intensity and power with every movement. Not afraid to make eye contact with the audience, these performers connected to every individual in the stands. Audible breath drew your attention as you heard what sounded like “Echoes in The Night.” Impressive flexibility and strength within the choreography was displayed with elegance. Clovis HS ensured the echoes of their performance sounded through the arena long after they exited the floor.  

Friendswood HS (93.615) 6th

A soloist dressed in white starts by herself in the middle of the floor in Friendswood’s 2022 production “The Girl With The Weight of The World in Her Hands.” She is soon joined by others dressed in blue. Throughout the show the girl wrestles with the other performers as they personify the weight of the world she has to bare. Beautiful lifts and weight sharing draw your eye as the performers navigate a small circle of floor with meticulousness. Friendswood HS preformed with grace, accuracy, and precision as they displayed just how heavy the world can sometimes be.

Dobyns-Bennett HS (92.675) 7th

Dobyns-Bennett HS moved with a graceful and dynamic energy. Flowy skirts and hair down added to the drama produced by their show “Jolene and Diane “. This was a unique take on the traditional song and created an intriguing perspective about an unfaithful relationship. Never a dull moment, this fast-paced and upbeat show was full of exquisite choreography. Dobyns-Bennett HS ended with a beautiful flag feature that left the audience craving more.

Blue Springs South HS Varsity (91.285) 8th

Blue Springs South HS Varsity transported the audience to a city street layered with streetlights. The first light turns on as a flag soloist enters the floor, and quickly the entire floor begins glowing. This show, titled “The Light, it Follows Me” used a beautiful and gentle soundtrack that fit the flowy purple uniforms. Dancers moved across the floor with strength and grace, incorporating an impressive amount of body underneath equipment choreography. This show ends with performers gathered around a final light which remains glowing and a soloist reaching toward the lamp and her teammates who are lucky enough to be so close to the light.


Lincoln-Way Community Schools (91.115) 9th

Two white strips of tarp create a cross-shaped floor for Lincoln-Way Community Schools. A stunning dance soloist begins the show as hallelujah plays. These performers moved slowly and gracefully across the floor, perfectly matching the light musical notes. Crosses were creatively made throughout the show, entitled “Hallelujah,” with flags and performers bodies. A breathy ending sealed the final note of the show as performers lined themselves on their knees along the line of the cross on the floor, praying toward the wooden cross prop.

Lyman HS (90.515) 10th

Lyman HS utilized the guitar strings painted on the floor to guide their movements. Their show entitled “This is What it Sounds Like” brought sass and the entertainment factor to the floor. The flag feature was certainly a highlight as the performers alternated between layered and uniform choreography. Beautiful maroon and white silks seemed to float above the air. Lyman HS ended their production with a powerful exchange and glitter to match the energy of the rest of the show.

Palm Desert Charter MS (90.130) 11th

Palm Desert Charter MS hit the ground running with an ensemble rifle feature along the yellow road. Moving with confidence and grace, these performers looked the audience in the eye as they nailed every skill. Interplay between sabres and yellow flags moved into a stunning flag feature incorporating bottom stopper work. These performers flipped and danced across the floor, eventually finding their way back to the yellow brick road. This show had the audience wishing “The Road” was longer so they could have had more time to gaze on.

JW Mitchell HS (88.195) 12th

JW Mitchell HS shares what it means to stand together as opposed to alone. Cute partner work emulates the necessity of companionship through hard times. Teal flags are the perfect contrast to the flowy purple costumes during a gorgeous ensemble flag feature. This show titled, “Whatever” concludes with a lovely dance feature and performers standing shoulder to shoulder next to their supporters. JW Mitchell HS, through their expressions and fitting choreography, assures the audience they can handle whatever comes their way.

Bridgeland HS (86.980) 13th

Bridgeland High School gifted the audience not one but two beautiful, airy, and effortless flag features. Their show titled “The Way She Looked” showcased incredible precision and grace as performers maneuvered around a table and a loveseat prop. Every nuance of design was accounted for in this show. For instance, each flag was represented by a patterned pillow on the couch. The performers spun skillfully and with strength from beginning to end. This show was truly beautiful, as the performers acted as the visual representation of the lyrics of their soundtrack.

Liberty HS (86.975) 14th

Liberty HS had intention and strength behind each movement they made on their floor. This show, honoring the memories of our loved ones we have lost, was executed with poise and grace. Performers utilized a pink circle floor, using the space so that it felt bigger than it was. Choreography on the benches surrounding the outer parameter of the floor was done without hesitation or fear and the flag feature was incredibly well executed. This production titled “Dancing After Death” moved the audience and touched the hearts of everyone who has experienced loss.

River Bluff HS (86.365) 15th

River Bluff HS portrayed joy and grace in their 2022 production “Let it Go.” Performers began on a blue and white ombre slide wearing blue and white costumes. Calming music transferred into the movement and expression of performers as they danced with blue fabric and let their hair down. A change in tone partway through the show was accompanied with sounds of thunder and flexed feet. But soon rainbow flags engulfed the floor, bringing joy into the production once again.

Thompson HS (85.470)

“Time” begins with a sabre soloist picking up a sabre from center stage, which represents the hands of a clock. Navigating the circular clock pattern on the floor, Thompson HS moves across the floor effortlessly through their rifle and sabre choreography. Flags take their spots on high stages in each corner of the floor, carved as roman numerals. A powerful flag feature that uses fancy leg work is a beautiful ending to this piece. The joy and happiness these performers feel during their time on the floor is perfectly represented by the smiles on their faces. 

Grassfield HS (84.980) 17th

“Said Too Much” by Grassfield HS  set the stage with church pews and a church outfitted with stained glass. Performers ran throughout the floor as if trapped by their own words or lack thereof in this case. This intense show made the audience think as performers fell to their knees. Skillfully spinning between tight spaces of the pews and moving intensely with the beat of the music, this show was an eye catcher. This show ended with a powerful ensemble dance moment followed by a soloist running away from the group and falling to the floor, facing the church. 

Mt. Juliet HS (84.460) 18th

Three strips of floor that painted a picture of a sunset sky set the stage for Mt. Juliet HS. Performers moved across the floor with ease, slowly connecting power lines from one side of the floor to the other. With perfect precision, rifles and flags were manipulated through and tossed over the lines as if they were invisible. An ensemble sabre moment breathed a breath of fresh air into the performance. This show titled, “Working The Lines” demonstrated skill and agility like no other.

Lexington HS (82.875) 19th

Lexington HS’s show “Opa!” was full of fun, energy, and expression. Overdramatized emotions and sound effects made this show incredibly entertaining. Calls of “opa” from the performers amidst difficult choreography created a light-hearted atmosphere. Roses thrown across the floor were a precursor for the energetic ending where a million petals were strewn through the air while a rifle soloist executed a fierce double turn. From the moment Lexington HS stepped

Noblesville HS (82.810) 20th

Noblesville HS used audible breath throughout their dance and skillful sabre work to match the energy of a beautiful and soft musical choice. Two ensemble dance features were beautiful to watch as performers moved effortlessly and gracefully with one another. A just as stunning layered flag feature was nestled between these dance moments, demonstrating skill and precision. This graceful show titled “Danny Boy” used bright orange flags upon a green floor and bright green uniforms. This bright and beautiful show was lovely to watch.