2024 Percussion Concert Class Finalist Review

2024 Percussion Concert Class Finalist Review

By: Mikey McGuire and Kellie Finch

Congratulations to all of our 2024 Concert class finalists!  Review their productions below in order of Finals placement.

A Class

1st - Eagle HS (92.000)

It’s Christmas in April with Eagle HS and their 2024 production “Winter Wonderment”. A groovy samba rendition of Santa Claus is Coming to Town gets the crowd moving and brings that holly jolly feel nine months early. 

2nd - East Central HS (91.350)

East Central HS beautifully put music to movement with their 2024 program “Methods of Movement”. From cars, to planes and rockets, East Central took a very dynamic musical approach to the machines that define our day to day life.

3rd - Lewis Cass HS (90.000)

Lewis Cass HS breaks out the flower pots for that sweet tribal percussion sound in their 2024 program “Warriors of Rhythm”. An incredible physical performance all around and a wide dynamic range seal the deal for another wonderful show from Lewis Cass HS. 

Open Class

1st- Grassfield HS (95.425)

Straight from the sand dunes of Arrakis, Grassfield HS puts together a wonderful rendition of Hans Zimmer’s now iconic Dune score in their 2024 production “Shifting Sands”. The performers set the atmosphere perfectly, and build to a hair-raising peak full of all the great sonic details the Dune score is known for.

2nd - Corona del Sol HS (94.800)

With some head banging, unforgettable guitar solos and hits from Metallica, Corona Del Sol HS blew the roof off the arena with their 2024 production “Sound of Metal”. A rock concert atmosphere gave way to a surprisingly gentle touch in the middle, before a final ear ringing salvo brought it out of this world. 

3rd - Timber Creek HS (FL) (94.050)

Timbercreek HS gets spooky to kick off their 2024 production “Where No One Goes”. Unsettling atmosphere building makes way for massive impact drums hits and a powerful rendition of Hallelujah brings it home on a hopeful note.

4th - West Clermont HS (91.350)

West Clermont HS plays with sound beautifully in their 2024 production “Depth over Distance. Exploring ideas of using sound to navigate over vision, a blindfolded West Clermont HS put together a powerful production.

5th - Cleveland HS (89.750)

Cleveland HS kicks off their 2024 program “Infused” with a quick and tight jazz feel and never takes their foot off the gas. Moving into a fast, complex percussion ensemble piece and infusing a shredding guitar solo gives it the name and the performers bring an incredible amount of energy and finesse to the table.

6th - Penn-Trafford HS (89.700)

Penn-Traford HS bares their soul for us in their emotional 2024 program “True Colors”. A rich soundscape and excellent dynamic control puts so much feeling into the music, it’s impossible not to connect with it. 

7th - Broadneck HS (88.100)

Broadneck HS engulfs the audience in the surreal warmth of a dream with their 2024 program “Dare to Dream”. Sweeping dynamic shifts, ever changing instrumentation and a driving backbeat brought the audience on a sonic journey unlike any other.

8th - Enka HS (87.300)

Enka HS journeys into the terrifying and beautiful depths of space to explore the stars in their 2024 program “Supernova”. The explosive qualities that surround a dying star make their way to the competition floor as Enka HS delivers a complex and incredibly engaging performance.

World Class

1st - CATAWBA RIDGE HS (95.350)

Trees whispered secrets to each other as leaves crunched under performers’ feet during Catawba Ridge HS’s 2024 performance, entitled “Beneath Our Soles.” Expressive visual moments between performers were accompanied by sounds of rain, concluding a rich display of nature’s beauty.

2nD - CLOVER HS (94.075)

Stained glass mosaics and bell tolls set the scene for Clover HS’s finals service, entitled “Cathedral Sketches.” A featured performer sketched out a cathedral with chalk as chimes echoed around the room, making listeners enter into a true religious experience.

3rD - AYALA HS (93.600)

Spring made its way to Dayton during Ayala HS’s 2024 production, entitled “Blossoms in Bloom.” Beginning with a beautiful keyboard spotlight and ending with a heartfelt emotional section, Ayala proved that being both strong and delicate is necessary to take full bloom.


Cellos, flutes, and trumpets, oh my! Corinth Holders Combined Schools’ 2024 production proved that the key to “The Suite Life” is a combination of Bach’s Cello Suite No. 1, jazzy bongos, and a stellar WGI finals performance.

5TH - TUNSTALL HS (86.800)

Good times, we remember, fun days, filled with Tunstall HS’s 2024 production, entitled “Good Times I Remember The Music of Chicago”. Dreams full of fun clap breaks and whimsical tambourine features will always be treasured, as they take us right back to the good “Old Days” of WGI finals.