By: MJ Johnson

Congratulations to all of our 2024 Scholastic Open class finalists! Review their productions below in order of Finals placement.

1st - Ayala HS (95.600)

In their performance Lighter Than Air…, Ayala HS is all about bubbles. With a floor shaped with giant blue and purple bubbles, more bubble props, and bubbles in their hair, these performers make their show look effortless, just like a bubble. They even creatively use their bubble props in a fun way by tossing them around to each other and in a partnerwork section with the sabres. After an amazing flag feature, Ayala HS throws bubbles around before finally releasing a torrent of real bubbles.

2nd - Centerville HS (94.550)

In their production, Irresistible, Centerville HS dons lampshades on their heads and decorated with various vintage lamps. As they remove the lampshades and pick up equipment, a moth appears in the window, drawn to their irresistible light. The moth begins to play with the lamps by dancing and spinning through them, not realizing it is in danger. The lamps draw the moth back to the window as it flies away, safe from the lights.

3rd - American Fork HS (94.350)

American Fork HS presents The Winchester Mystery. The show begins with a dance soloist gathering the other performers into a flag feature and eventually up the stairs to a door. The Winchester House is renowned for its size and its architectural curiosities as well as for the numerous myths and legends surrounding the structure and its former owner. The house was once the personal residence of Sarah Lockwood Pardee Winchester, the widow of William Wirt Winchester and heiress to a large portion of the Winchester Repeating Arms fortune. Our dance soloist represents Sarah as she builds and renovates her never ending maze of a home.

4th - Marcus HS (92.700)

Marcus HS takes us on a journey to build The Aeroplane. Set up with individual parts of a plane spread across the floor, the audience can see the blueprints of the plane printed on the floor. As we watch these performers build this plane, maroon flags spin across the floor effortlessly. With clean lines and intense catches, the builders of the plane create innovative spatial changes that the equipment uses to showcase the skills of the group. When the plane is finished, it flies across a blue sky of flag silks.

5th - Northmont HS (91.650)

Northmont HS gives us a beautiful performance of their production Cardinals in the Snow. The performers represent the cardinal, as they are dressed in sleek costumes that are strikingly red on the front and completely black sequins on the back. With a soundtrack that makes you think of a snowy winter day, these birds “play” in the snow with snowflake decorated silks. Gorgeous red flags with extra embellishments stun the audience with a synchronized flag feature before a dancer in a cardinal mask takes them to disappear into the snow behind the floor.

6th - Westlake HS (90.800)

Westlake HS presents The Truth. With striking red costumes against white curtain backdrops, Westlake walks out to the stage to the sound of an orchestra tuning before a performance. As “State of Independence” by Jon Anderson plays, these performers give us a graceful and elegant performance. This production reminds of the truth of being joyful, free, and totally immersed in something.

7th - Oviedo HS (89.400)

Oviedo HS shares with us A Ripple of Hope. The stage is set with gray backdrops that feature important moments in American history like the Stonewall Riots, MLK jr., and others. A spoken word poem about the different events that make up our history fades into “Any Other World” by MIKA. As the show progresses and we talk about these moments in history, the gray backdrops are turned to show images of the progression of society in color. As each backdrop turns, more and more members pull on colored dresses over their originally black costumes. This color appearing throughout the performance leaves us looking toward the future.

8th - Mason HS (89.050)

Mason HS invites us To See the Sun at Midnight with them. Dressed in silk teal pajamas, the performers lie down to sleep and begin their dream. As they dream, their dreams take them out the window props behind them and they start looking for the sun at midnight. With clean flags and sharp rifle catches, the members reassure us that the sun will come out tomorrow. They bring out vibrant sun colored flags for a feature at the center of the floor before laying them down around the floor in the shape of the sun.

9th - Shenendehowa HS (88.700)

Shenendehowa HS tells us the story of Robin Williams, beloved comedian, in their production Robin. Decorated with various quotes from the comedian, the floor also features desks with microphones and LED screens play scenes of iconic Robin Williams moments. The voiceover speaks of the rare talent and treasure he was and the joy and laughter he brought to others. His death certainly left a vacuum in the hearts of everyone. Shenendehowa HS gives us a beautiful homage to his legacy.

10th - Dobyns-Bennett HS (87.250)

Dobyns-Bennett HS sets up to perform …and the Snowman Cried as a piano plays Frosty the Snowman. These performers share what happens to snowmen after the sun comes out. With melted snow, a giant top hat, button, and tree branches scattered across the floor, Dobyns-Bennett spins to a soundtrack of “Timeless” by Arturo Cardelús and “Time” by Freddie Mercury. This production shows us that while time waits for no one, we can still enjoy the time we have. 

11th - Noblesville HS (86.300)

In their production Variations, Noblesville HS sets the scene in various poses in front of giant windows. An angelic choir sings as the members perform a variety of different moments with their sabres, rifles, and flags, culminating in a gorgeous all rifle feature between breaking up into groups again. All the flags have different color variations of the same pattern and the members conclude by returning to the same poses they assumed at the start of the show as the music fades out and a church bell rings.

12th - James Bowie HS (84.500)

Play a game of chess with James Bowie HS in their production Pawn. Set on a cracked chess board, several performers are covered in white clothes pulled to resemble pawn chess pieces. This is a representation of how people can be used as pawns by others. The members move white platforms around the floor as they jump, dance, and spin around them. As pawns start to break free of control. The color focus shifts from white to red. Free at last, the pawns become the new ones in control.

13TH - Dartmouth HS (84.050)

Dartmouth invites us to their candy store in Unwrapped. Huge candy shelf backdrops and a pink checkerboard floor sets up these candy sellers to open up shop with the flip of a sign. Featuring a Pure Imagination cover, these performers remind us of the wonder and excitement of walking into a candy shop as a kid. This production has fun with itself a mashup of different candy themed songs. With a final rifle toss, the candy shop sign flips to “Closed”.

14th - Pendleton Heights HS (83.700)

 Pendleton Heights HS gives us a look at The Veil Between life and death. A soloist in white is dancing the line between life and death. She must decide which door to go through. One door opens with red flags coming out to try and pull the soloist closer to death. After dancing with “death”, our soloist eventually opens the door and walks through the door, away from death.

15th - Palm Desert Charter MS (83.100)

Palm Desert Charter MS amazes us with their production, Through My Voice. These performers open with a gorgeous dance moment as they move forward form the back of the floor. As “Adventures Await” by Nisa Sena plays, the members of Palm Desert Charter give the audience a sharp and clean full rifle feature. This middle school wants us to hear their voices through their beautiful performance.