2024 Winds A Class Finalist Review

2024 Winds A Class Finalist Review

By: Kevin Gamin

Congratulations to all of our 2024 A class finalists! Review their productions below in order of Finals placement.

Scholastic A

1st - Valley Christian HS (94.025)

Flags, swing flags, capes, and translucent fabric, and even the parachutes like they used in gym class in elementary school – You don’t have to worry that “The Floor Is Lava” because you’re blown away by all the color in the air during Valley Christian High School’s show.

2nd - Ben Davis (92.200)

Intermixing synthetic with acoustic, Ben Davis High School brought us to a world of “Synthetic Harmonies”. Highlights included an incredible electronic wind instrument (EWI) soloist and a unique techno take on Clair de Lune. Oh, they also did the robot as a full ensemble.

3rd - Mt. Juliet HS (90.450)

The excitement and thrill of sky diving were brought to life by Mt. Juliet High School with “Free Fallin'”. The group even portrayed a synchronized dive while lying on their tarp, looking like they were falling through the sky to the delight of the audience. 

4th - Newnan HS (88.450)

Newnan High School went all in on “Stairway”, utilizing a full mallet percussion section and a color guard throughout their performance. The trombones on “stairs” of various heights ripping our faces off was even more impressive. 

5th - Joshua HS (86.863)

Forget Wicked. Joshua High School has the real story of the “Birth of the Tin Man”. Moral of the story: don’t give your heart, LITERALLY, to a tango dancing temptress. 

6th - Papillon-La Vista South HS (85.775)

Papillon-La Vista South High School took us to “Atlantis”. Without the use of elaborate props and back drops until the very end of their program, the group used their music and choreo to bring the lost continent back to life. 

7th - Harrison Central HS (82.750)

Harrison Central High School created a striking visual moment during “On the Nature of Relativity”, whipping the cream colored scarves they wore as part of their costumes off and waving them in the air in a brilliant flash of color. They would do so again with smaller rainbow colored fabrics for even more visual effect.

8th - Brandon HS (82.725)

A Pharaoh, images of the Pyramids, and blue fabrics representing flowing water are visual “Echoes of the Nile” from Brandon High School. This show also featured excellent violin and tuba soloists. 

9th - Hart County HS (82.275)

Hart County High School’s music, visual, and show theme all flowed like water during “Aquapella”. The group even sang a cappella during their show, which the audience greatly appreciated.

Independent A

1st - Ethereal Winds (85.625)

Ethereal Winds lived up to their name with a musical book in “Harmonic Horizons” which was both engaging and introspective.

2Nd - Kent City Indoor Winds (84.050)

The haunting stains of Eric Whitacre’s October combined with piles of orange, yellow, and red leaves, make Kent City’s theme of “Autumn” clear from the start. Playing the big band classic Autumn Leaves doesn’t hurt, either. 

3rd - Vortex Indoor Winds (79.950)

Vortex tackles a deep subject with their show: What is at the”End of the Tunnel” when our time comes? The group does so well while also showing great musical skill throughout their performance.

4th - Westerville Winds (76.950)

Westerville Winds utilizes their tarps to convey the different phases of the moon during their show, “Moon”. They also make great use of amplified violin and cello soloists during the second half of their show.