2024 Winds World Class Finalist Review

2024 Winds World Class Finalist Review

By: Kevin Gamin

Congratulations to all of our 2024 World class finalists! Review their productions below in order of Finals placement.

Scholastic World

1st - Avon HS (98.238)

Once again, with “Start a Wave”, Avon High School sets standards, musically and visually, on the floor. This also
may be the first show with an audience wave incorporated
into the performance.

2nd - Cleveland HS (94.488)

Cleveland High School makes clear the feelings of “Generation Gamma” with a mournful minor key rendition of What A Wonderful World, complete with flute quintet and flugelhorn soloist. 

3rd - Westfield HS (93.550)

The color palette of Westfield High School’s “The Edge of Everything I Know” of yellow, orange, and blue, is immediately stunning. What’s also impressive is the use of an alto flute for a unique solo voice.

4th - Greenfield Central HS (91.750)

“Turning the Tables” from Greenfield Central High School lives up to it’s name in so many ways. Hearing First Circle and Empty Chairs At Empty Tables in the same show spun us right round for sure. 

5th - Lake Hamilton HS (89.400)

“Rip Tide” gives the members of Lake Hamilton High School many opportunities to showcase their movement skills, both marching and body/choreo, all while sounding as good as they do. 

6th - Mililani HS (88.525)

Mililani High School brings a meaningful and deep performance every time they come to Dayton. “Rise From the Ashes”, referring to the Maui wildfires of last year, is no exception. 

Independent World

1st - Stryke Wynds (97.525)

The show title “Prisoners of Time” should be Masters of Time, based on how well STRYKE mastered tempo, time signature, and visual technique. This performance was a master class of music and marching.

2Nd - Horizon Winds (94.238)

Horizon Winds has the most fun with “Fuzzy Bird”, using every opportunity to display mannerisms of flamingos while playing charts like, appropriately, Birdland.    

3rd - Vaquero Winds (93.200)

Utilizing Samuel Barber’s Adagio for Strings aged First Essay for Orchestra, Vaquero Winds takes us on a “Divergent Odyssey”.

4th - LSM Winds (91.888)

The canals of Venice echo with the sounds of LSM Winds wall of sound in”Venezia”. Max Richter’s recomposed version of Winter alone is enough to wow us.

5th - Legacy (88.425)

“Olympus” tells the story of the goddesses of Greek mythology who helped defeat the Titans, but then turn on each other due to power and greed. Legacy tells the story with power and grace. 

6th - Elevate Winds (84.425)

Elevate uses their excellent visual dance line along with stunning uniform change to bring forth diamonds which are “Forged Under Pressure”.