WGI Judges Receive Gender-Inclusive Language Training for 2024 Season

WGI Judges Receive Gender-Inclusive Language Training for 2024 Season

In efforts to advance the organization’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives, all WGI adjudicators received training on the use of Gender-Inclusive and Gender-Neutral language in their judge commentary going into the 2024 season.


The WGI Future Leaders Program collaborated with members of the DEI committee to produce a brief training video on the proper use of gender-inclusive language. The video included testimonial examples from current WGI performers and ways to rephrase common judging statements to identify performers within a show properly.

As WGI strives to be a community where everyone is seen and welcomed, it is vital that our organization shares resources and tools to make our events and activities as inclusive as possible to all our participants,” said WGI CEO Ron Nankervis.

The organization’s goal with this initiative is to eliminate any risk of performer misrepresentation on judging tapes. This follows other continued efforts to promote inclusivity within the WGI community on the basis of gender and self-identity.


Visit wgi.org/dei to view other ongoing projects, initiatives, and accomplishments related to WGI’s mission.