WGI strictly prohibits all conduct which could pose a threat to the safety of participants in WGI-sanctioned events. This policy sets forth WGI’s expectation that all individuals associated with WGI-sanctioned events shall report certain kinds of misconduct without exception.

WHO IS COVERED BY THIS POLICY? Everyone associated with any WGI-sanctioned event is covered by this policy, including without limitation all Participating Group personnel, WGI personnel, Circuit Partner personnel, Contest Judges, Event Administrators, volunteers, and performers.

WHAT IS EXPECTED UNDER THIS POLICY? Anyone who receives information of any kind (oral or written, “informal” or “formal”) suggesting that misconduct related to participant safety has occurred that is connected in any way to individuals or activities associated with any WGI-sanctioned event or activity must report the matter immediately to WGI management and the management of all Participating Groups or Circuit Partners with which the affected individual(s) are associated. A report to an appropriate law enforcement agency may also be appropriate and is always available, in the discretion of the person who receives information regarding potential misconduct. Misconduct related to participant safety that is covered by this policy includes:

  • Any misconduct of a sexual nature or potentially classifiable as a sex offense under applicable law, including without limitation so-called “victimless” activities such as prostitution, pornography, and indecent exposure;
  • Any misconduct in which actual or suggested sexual relations is an element;
  • Any harassing conduct pertaining to, in whole or in part, an individual’s race, sex, gender, sexual orientation, or gender expression; and
  • Any conduct involving harm to a minor.

WHAT ACTION WILL BE TAKEN? Upon receiving a report of any such misconduct, WGI, the Participating Group, and/or the Circuit Partner shall conduct an effective internal investigation, report the matter to the appropriate law enforcement authorities as may be necessary, and take appropriate and effective remedial action under the circumstances.

Anyone found to have participated in misconduct that threatens the safety of a participant will be disciplined as WGI finds appropriate, up to and including a permanent ban from association with any WGI-sanctioned event in any capacity. WGI will not retaliate against anyone for reporting suspected misconduct or for participating in an investigation or inquiry, and WGI will not tolerate retaliation by any person or entity associated with any WGI-sanctioned event.

HOW CAN REPORTS BE MADE? A report can be made via WGI’s website using the online Participant Protection Reporting Form, via email at [email protected], via phone at 937 247-5919, or directly to any member of WGI’s management.