The 2024 WGI Hall of Fame Inductees!

The 2024 WGI Hall of Fame Inductees!

The 2024 Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony took place on Wednesday of this past week, and we celebrated the incredible accomplishments of these three individuals.

Read more about Jeff Huffman, Jeff Sacktig, and Sean Vega below, and watch a video compilation from their friends and colleagues!

Jeff Huffman

Jeff Huffman has been directly involved in the percussion division since its infancy, and was critical in developing competitive programs and pushing the percussion activity to new heights. Teaching with his wife at Center Grove High School for over two decades has resulted in the program’s continuous success, and his ability to instill joy in all of his students while providing quality music education is a truly remarkable feat.

Jeff Sacktig

Jeff Sacktig is joining the Hall of Fame as a renowned visual designer and educator in the pageantry arts. Having been involved in the marching arts most of his life, his passion for helping students and programs reach their highest potential has resulted in many successful seasons across all WGI divisions. With his knowledge of drill design and keen eye for detail, Jeff has inspired the growth and development of WGI programs, designers, and educators everywhere. 

Sean Vega

Sean Vega began his WGI journey in the early 2000s when he helped create RCC Percussion from Riverside, California. His passion for education and commitment to excellence would result in multiple World Class Championships and a perennial finalist group. As a leading voice in the indoor percussion activity, his goal is to help create and educate world-class instructors and designers to produce the best possible experience for all members within WGI.