Today’s #WGIHistory: All-Female Judging Panel

Today’s #WGIHistory: All-Female Judging Panel

Each month we will focus on a different decade of WGI, spanning from our inaugural championships season to the conclusion of #WGI2022.

Today’s #WGIHistory features WGI’s first all-female judging panel from 1988. These incredible women paved the way for future generations of female judges in the indoor activity, and we can see this reflected in the #WGIDallas CG regional that took place this past weekend.

Below are the names of the judges present in both photos:

1988 (From left-right): Mary Dennisten, Judy Tomko, Shirley Dorritie, Lee Kumer, Shirlee Whitcomb

2022 (From left-right) Cristine Clayton-Fisher, Kelsey Gleason, Jennifer Oswald, Beverly Brahan, Meghan McCourt