2024 WGI Virtual Event Details – Solo Finals

2024 WGI Virtual Event Details – Solo Finals

Important Dates

Video Upload Instructions

The upload window is now closed.

The upload window will open on Friday, February 23rd at noon eastern.  Soloists will receive an email with a link to the uploader or may find the uploader link on this webpage.

To upload your video, each soloist will need a FloMarching.com account (you do not need a subscription to upload your video).  
How to Create a FloMarching Account

Upload Instructions Video

Upload Instructions PDF

If you are participating in multiple events, you must upload a separate video for each event. Videos from the previous events are no longer available.

We highly encourage you to upload your video on Friday, February 23rd, so if there are any issues with your video they may be addressed as soon as possible with FloMarching before the upload deadline.

Keep in mind that all videos must be uploaded by Sunday, February 25th at midnight, Pacific Time.  Those soloists who fail to upload their video by this deadline will forfeit their entry and be removed from the event.

Video Upload Troubleshooting

The most common issues:

Error Message When Trying To Access Uploader

Confirmation Emails

My Video is Stuck In Transcoding

FloMarching.com is managing all video uploads. If you have any issues while uploading your video, please see the above troubleshooting documentation.  If this does not resolve your issue, contact FloMarching Support. Live support is available through the FloMarching.com help page.

Performance Times

Performances will be available on FloMarching.com and may be viewed beginning Friday, March 1st at noon eastern.

How to Watch

Check out the FloMarching Event Hub.


CompetitionSuite Details

WGI uses CompetitionSuite to provide scores and judge commentary to all participants.    Soloists will receive sign up information for CompetitionSuite.com at the beginning of February.

Commentary, Ratings, and Score Summary Sheets will be available on CompetitionSuite.com on Monday, March 4th.

Below are additional details about managing your CompetitionSuite account.

Account Access Details

Commentary Access Details

How to Add Staff
*Soloists may add their instructors, teachers, directors as staff if they wish to share the commentary with them. 

Awards & Scores

All ratings will be published on WGI.org on Monday, March 4th.

Each participating group will receive a digital award following their event.

Rules, Criteria, Progression

The top 5 assessments in each category and classification advance into the Virtual Finals Event. 

Please read through your division Rules, Criteria, & Progression for additional information.

Additional Information

Recording Tips

Starting Announcement