World Championships Back Side Seat Tickets

World Championships Back Side Seat Tickets

Backside Seat 2025 Timeline

March 4th – Ticket reservations open at Noon EST for $30 each (all divisions)

March 12th – Ticket price increase to $40 each

March 20th – Last day to place a reservation

March 24th – Last day to pay invoice 


Backside Seat tickets for World Class finals will be available to purchase for World Championships competing groups only

Only the Primary or Financial contact can reserve discounted backside Seat tickets. 

NEW for 2024:

    • Payment will not be collected at the time you place your reservation. 
    • All Backside Seat tickets will be mobile delivery only
    • After you reservation is placed, we will create your group’s ticket account.
    • An invoice will be sent for your Backside Seat reservation through your group’s ticket account on or after March 14th.
    • All payments must be made by April 1st or reservation will be canceled and seats released.
        • All World Class groups will also be required to pay invoices by the April 1st, deadline.  
    • A credit card will be the only form of payment accepted (Visa, MC, Discover & Am Ex). 
    • No refunds will be considered, except for World Class Finalists. 
    • After April 1st, additional tickets may be purchased by calling the ticket office  (937) 401-2530 or visiting WC Headquarters during World Championships week, if available. Payment by credit card will be required at this time.  

Backside Seat Max Ticket Allotment Formula

Did NOT purchase PLUS Pass:  Max # of seats allowed = the number of performers +10 

Purchased PLUS Pass: Max # of seats allowed = the number of performers + 10 + 7 (PLUS Pass addition)