2022 Color Guard Scores

2022 Color Guard Scores

NOTE: All scores posted are not official until 30 minutes after the conclusion of that contest. While we post scores in real time, all final results must be verified by the judges.

April 09

CG World Class Finals
CG Open Class Finals

April 08

CG World Class Semi Finals
CG SA & IO Semi Finals
CG IA & SO Semi Finals
CG A Class Finals

April 07

SA Prelims - Cintas
IA Prelims
IO Prelims
IW Prelims
SA Prelims - Truist Arena (formerly BB&T)
SO Prelims - Truist Arena (formerly BB&T)
SW Prelims
SO Prelims - Cintas

March 27

Atlanta CG Finals
Manhattan Beach CG Finals

March 26

Philadelphia CG Prelims
Atlanta CG Prelims
Manhattan Beach CG Prelims
Philadelphia CG Prelims

March 20

Dallas CG Finals
Indianapolis CG Finals
Orlando CG Finals

March 19

Salt Lake City CG Finals
Indianapolis CG SA Prelims
Indianapolis SA Semis
Indianapolis CG Prelims
Denver CG Prelims
Denver CG Finals
Orlando CG Prelims
Dallas CG Prelims
Salt Lake City CG Prelims

March 12

Omaha CG Prelims
Omaha CG Finals
Phoenix CG Prelims
Phoenix CG Finals
Union City CG Prelims
Union City CG Finals

March 06

Austin CG Finals

March 05

Tulsa CG Finals
Flint CG Prelims
Flint CG Finals
San Diego CG Prelims
San Diego CG Finals
Tampa CG Prelims
Tampa CG Finals
Austin CG Prelims
Tulsa CG Prelims

February 26

Charlotte CG Finals
Chicago CG Prelims
Chicago CG Finals
Nashville CG Prelims
Nashville CG Finals
Bakersfield CG Prelims
Pittsburgh CG Prelims
Bakersfield CG Finals
Pittsburgh CG Finals
Charlotte CG Prelims

February 19

Dallas CG Finals (Feb)
Houston CG Prelims
Houston CG Finals
Gulfport CG Prelims
Gulfport CG Finals
Dallas CG Prelims (Feb)

February 13

Indianapolis CG Finals (Feb)

February 12

Indianapolis CG Prelims (Feb)
Kansas City CG Prelims
Kansas City CG Finals
Salem CG Prelims
Salem CG Finals

February 05

Knoxville CG Finals
Corning CG Prelims
Corning CG Finals
San Antonio CG Finals
Knoxville CG Prelims